WP4 - Connecting ESFRI projects to EOSC through VO framework (CEVO)

Lead participant: CNRS-INSU/CDS
WP4 leader: Mark Allen

WP4 CEVO plans to make the seamless connection of ESFRI and other astronomy and astroparticle research infrastructures to the EOSC through the VO. This implies the need to scale the VO framework to the biggest data sets that will be produced by the ESFRI and other projects. Astronomy has built an operational interoperability infrastructure, the Virtual Observatory (VO) that has proven to be a great success for many aspects of astronomy data interoperability. The VO is an essential component of the astronomy data landscape, as has been strongly stressed in the ASTRONET Infrastructure Roadmap since its first publication in 2008. International astronomy data providers, in particular ground- and space-based telescopes, publish their data using the IVOA standards, and compliant scientific tools and services enable discovery, access and use of the data by the whole astronomy research community.

Key outputs: Assess and implement the connection of the ESFRI and other astronomy and astroparticle RIs to the EOSC through the Virtual Observatory framework, actively contributing to the setting up of the EOSC services.

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