WP1 - Management, Innovation, Networking and Dissemination (MIND)

Lead participant: CNRS-IN2P3/LAPP
WP1 leader: Giovanni Lamanna

WP1 MIND deals with: 1) Governance and management of the ESCAPE project; 2) Networking programme and innovation; 3) Dissemination of the ESCAPE results raising the highest possible awareness of the cluster and its activities, in close collaboration with the other work packages and the ESFRI projects.

Key outputs: ESCAPE coordination and management. Support the networking with various EOSC stakeholders (EOSC governance, e-infrastructures, other H2020 projects, policy bodies, industries); implement the connection between EOSC and the ESCAPE RIs management boards. Operating a central competence support desk for application of FAIR-oriented standards and methods within the ESFRI facilities and providing the technical coordination and the scientific internal validation of the WPs results.

WP2 - Data Infrastructure for Open Science (DIOS)

Lead participant: CERN
WP2 leader: Simone Campana

WP2 DIOS will design, implement, and operate a prototype data lake – a federated data infrastructure that will form the basis of an open access data service for the ESFRI projects within the ESCAPE cluster. It will propose such a solution as a key component of a future EOSC framework. The data lake concept enables the large, reliable, national research data centres to work together to build a robust cloud-like service to curate and serve data of CTA, FAIR, EGO-Virgo, HL-LHC, JIVE, KM3NeT and SKA at all scales up to the multi-Exabyte needs of such projects. These data centres (CERN, CNRS-CCIN2P3, DESY, GSI, IFAE-PIC, INFN, LAPP-MUST, Nikhef, SURFSara, UG), partners in ESCAPE, have experience built up over a decade in particle physics within WLCG and in supporting major astronomy and astroparticle physics precursors pan-European research infrastructures (such as AMS, ANTARES, HESS, LOFAR, MAGIC, etc.).

Key outputs: A mechanism required for large research infrastructures such as HL-LHC and SKA that in future will manage multi-Exabyte data sets, that will need to be served to global user communities in a scalable and performing way. A federated storage infrastructure implementing the FAIR data management principles at the base level, and form the basis for higher-level data preservation and access services delivered in the other work packages.

WP3 - Open-source scientific Software and Service Repository (OSSR)

Lead participant: FAU
WP3 leader: Kay Graf

WP3 OSSR deals with software services for open science data-analysis of the ESFRI facilities. The development of multi-messenger data analysis practices promotes activities for innovative methods, to maximise software re-use and co-development, to identify open standards for software release, to investigate data mining tools and new analysis technique. WP3 supports an open environment to guarantee cross-fertilisation and to develop community-specific data services that will be exposed under the EOSC catalogue of services under the FAIR principles.

Key outputs: A sustainable open-access repository to share scientific software, digital libraries for data analysis, data-sets, data products including related user-support documentation, tutorials and training activites, which will be dynamically enhanced and maintained by ESCAPE ESFRI projects and included in the EOSC catalogue.

WP4 - Connecting ESFRI projects to EOSC through VO framework (CEVO)

Lead participant: CNRS-INSU/CDS
WP4 leader: Mark Allen

WP4 CEVO plans to make the seamless connection of ESFRI and other astronomy and astroparticle research infrastructures to the EOSC through the VO. This implies the need to scale the VO framework to the biggest data sets that will be produced by the ESFRI and other projects. Astronomy has built an operational interoperability infrastructure, the Virtual Observatory (VO) that has proven to be a great success for many aspects of astronomy data interoperability. The VO is an essential component of the astronomy data landscape, as has been strongly stressed in the ASTRONET Infrastructure Roadmap since its first publication in 2008. International astronomy data providers, in particular ground- and space-based telescopes, publish their data using the IVOA standards, and compliant scientific tools and services enable discovery, access and use of the data by the whole astronomy research community.

Key outputs: Assess and implement the connection of the ESFRI and other astronomy and astroparticle RIs to the EOSC through the Virtual Observatory framework, actively contributing to the setting up of the EOSC services.

WP5 - ESFRI Science Analysis Platform (ESAP)

Lead participant: ASTRON
WP5 leader: Michiel van Haarlem

WP5 ESAP will focus on defining and implementing a flexible science platform for the analysis of open access data available through the EOSC environment. These tasks will define and implement a platform that will allow EOSC researchers to identify and stage existing data collections for analysis, tap into a wide-range of software tools and packages developed by the ESFRIs, bring their own custom workflows to the platform, and take advantage of the underlying HPC and HTC computing infrastructure to execute those workflows.

Key outputs: A platform-service for data analysis into EOSC and tailored to the requirements and the user needs of each of the ESFRI and other RI member of ESCAPE. It will be part of the EOSC catalogue.

WP6 - Engagement and COmmunication (ECO)

Lead participant: OU
WP6 leader: Stephen Serjeant

WP6 ECO implements the communication plan and provides outreach support to all ESCAPE WPs events and based on results oriented content. WP6 will develop and manage a programme of public engagement and education via Citizen Science mass participation experiments.

Key outputs: Outreach material and support actions. Involve citizens directly in knowledge discovery with ESCAPE and the ESFRI facilities, improving transparency of the scientific process. A harmonised suite of Citizen Science mass participation experiments and online video material.

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