May 31, 2019

ESCAPE WP5 has organised an ESFRI Use Case Requirements workshop (M5.1) on 16-17 April 2019 in Groningen, The Netherlands. The workshop was held at the Centre for Information Technology (CIT) of the University of Groningen. 

Before the workshop, ESCAPE ESFRI partners were asked to fill in a survey form which was created by WP5. During the workshop, ESFRI partners gave short presentations regarding their research facilities and their computing/storage/network requirements. The results of the ESFRI survey were shown to the participants during the workshop. We also invited three speakers to talk about Virtual Observatory (VO) (UEDIN), EOSC service Functions-as-a-Service (Faas) (DESY), and Jupyter Notebook as an interface (JIVE). Several discussion sessions were held to discuss identified ESAP components and the priorities of implementing each of the services. 

The analysis of the ESFRI survey results, topics of the workshop discussions, and the summary of ESFRI use case requirements are discussed in deliverable D5.1. 

More information about the workshop can also be found on the event website: