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What is it?

The ESCAPE Open-source Scientific Software and Service Repository  (OSSR) is a sustainable open-access repository to share scientific software and services to the science community and enable open science. It will house astro-particle-physics-related scientific software and services for data processing and analysis, as well as test data sets, user-support documentation, tutorials, presentations and training activities.

It will enable a true multi-messenger data-driven cooperative approach based on the FAIR principle requirements and will become part of the EOSC global catalogue of services. In a collaborative effort of all ESCAPE partners, common and innovative approaches will be fostered. 

The software, science tools & other services available on ESCAPE OSSR are openly available to all and allow users to access multi-messenger and multi-domain software to mine open-access datasets. This guarantees cross-fertilisation and an open innovation environment for science interoperability and software re-usage.

Who are the Target Users?

The ESCAPE OSSR will be set up in a way that everyone in the scientific community will be able to use the software and services. Beyond the main aim of re-use, spreading existing solutions will foster the creation of new solutions in the astro-particle-physics community and adjacent scientific fields. End users are mostly identified as individuals and institutions willing to innovate.

What is the value added / impact?

Currently, there is no single repository available for the closely related scientific field of astrophysics, astroparticle physics and particle physics. ESCAPE OSSR will generate this repository, allowing for easy access to algorithms, software packages and services developed in this field that – however – can be used also to address other scientific problems. For the first time, ESCAPE OSSR combines the expertise of world-leading research infrastructures and institutions in the fields of astrophysics, astroparticle physics and particle physics. They strive together to share high-quality, well documented, and easy-to-use software solutions in a harmonised way using a well-defined interface.

Browse the current status of the OSSR and watch the content grow as the ESCAPE project progresses

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