Mark Allen

The Virtual Observatory (VO) for astronomy integrates distributed infrastructures into one single virtual astronomy facility. ESCAPE supports the integration of the various multi-messenger ESFRI facilities and other research infrastructures into the EOSC through the VO framework, to ensure that their high-level scientific products and big data sets are openly accessible.

The VO is an essential component for the astronomy data landscape, it facilitates interoperability and re-use of data. ESCAPE will ensures that VO data are accessible to the European and international communities through EOSC. It sets the path for a new era of cross-disciplinary interoperability and connections to the necessary computing resources, as well as enabling the use of VO data in scientific analysis platforms. The ESCAPE enabled VO services aim to be a key for discovery and reuse, using common disciplinary IVOA standards and fostering good practices for data access, deposition and sharing of data, as well as for data management curation and preservation.

Who shall use it?

ESFRI, Research Infrastructures and other data providers, Research scientists, and Virtual Observatory builders

What is the value add/unique selling proposition?

The VO provides interoperable access to European and international astronomy data and services

The novelty

The astronomical VO is a pioneer of data sharing with a well established alliance of international partners who cooperate to build the necessary interoperability standards.