To address the critical questions of open science and long term reuse of data for science and for innovation, many of the greatest European scientific facilities in physics and astronomy have combined forces to make their data and software interoperable and open, committing to make the European Science Cloud a reality.

Thanks to ESCAPE, Europe's world-leading research infrastructures work together to find common solutions to their data challenges, their data interoperability, their data access and to accentuate the openness of Fundamental Science research to the full international community, from professionals to the public. ESCAPE answers the EOSC ambition in bringing People, Data, Services, Training, Publications, Projects & Organisations, all together in an integrated and federated environment.

ESCAPE will extend the concepts of the astronomical Virtual Observatory seamlessly into the domains of solar physics, particle physics and astroparticle physics. ESCAPE will leverage the long-standing expertise of the particle physics community in large-scale distributed computing and data resources, building new tools to deal with the data avalanche from the next generation of facilities to create a giant “data lake” of up to multi-Exabytes federating national and regional data centres. A new science nalysis platform will be built, so users of the EOSC can tap into existing software and bring their own, using the power of high-performance and high-throughput computing. Finally, ESCAPE will create a new open source software repository, to maximise software re-use and co-development, to identify open standards for software release, to investigate data mining tools and new analysis techniques. The ESCAPE domain-based repository will be part of the global EOSC catalogue of scientific software. ESCAPE is creating a cross border & multidisciplinary environment to enable EOSC to adopt transversally services & e-infrastructures & data stewardship of ESFRI projects

ESCAPE engages with a very large scientific community and wants to bring an important contribution in setting up the research environment for new generation researchers. The big-science ESFRI projects concerned by ESCAPE are in charge of the quality and the openness of their scientific data and the correct implementation of solutions for their access. They are the ultimate responsible for the handling of their large volumes of data (along the full data-flow, namely through acquisition, transfer, collection, calibration, archive, reduction, reconstruction and analysis) and according to FAIR principles. By establishing a cluster of complementary ESFRI facilities, ESCAPE engages partners to commit to contribute to the construction and the consolidation of the open environment for research data represented by EOSC.

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