June 30, 2019

Milestone 28 was reached upon completion of review by ESFRI representatives and WP5 task leader of deliverable D5.1 - Preliminary report on requirements for ESFRI science analysis use cases. The document in question was distributed among ESFRI representatives and participants of the WP5 use case requirements workshop.

The first draft of the deliverable has been reviewed by ESFRI representatives and WP5 task leader. WP5 has processed most of the review comments and suggestions. The deliverable is currently under version 0.2, and has been distributed among WP5 members and other ESCAPE work package leaders for review. During the review process, several questions were raised by the reviewers. These questions will be discussed during the WP5 F2F meeting which will be held on 1-4 July 2019 in Amsterdam, where we will also finalize deliverable D5.1.  

Note: The attached D5.1 report is yet to be approved by the EC project office.