Citizen Science is the public involvement, where anyone can participate, in inquiry and discovery of new scientific knowledge. In a citizen science project, an individual voluntarily, even without a formal science background, contributes his time, effort and resources toward scientific research in collaboration with professional scientists or alone. These non-professionals volunteers take part in crowdsourcing, data analysis and data collection. The idea is to break down big tasks into understandable components that anyone can perform.


The ESCAPE Citizen Science (CS) is an ambitious astronomy and astroparticle physics programme of scientific and public engagement that trains and educates the community in the usage and implementation of the ESCAPE services and ESFRI facilities, in line with the FAIR principles.

The ESCAPE CS programme engages the society at large, namely young people, to foster innovation in science and technology, contribute to real scientific discoveries and support the implementation of EOSC via the next generation of university students, scientists and engineers, who are the future users of the ESFRI facilities.

What will you get from ESCAPE Citizen Science Programme?

  • Training events and international workshops
  • Digital forums for two-way dialogue with professional scientists
  • Open educational resources
  • Citizen science applications & experiments
  • Online video material, namely the “Sixty Second Adventures in Astronomy” series


Interested in taking part of ESCAPE Citizen Science Programme?

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