July 31, 2019

This first version of Data Management Plan (DMP) is expected to provide a strategy for managing data generated and collected during the H2020 ESCAPE project and optimise access to and re-use of research data. This data management plan was prepared following the guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020. This document provides an overview on what kind of datasets will be collected or generated by each workpackage and how each of the workpackage will make these dataset findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR). During the course of the project, workpackage partners are expecting to collect and generate diverse datasets depending upon the inputs from the astronomy and particles physics ESFRI partners. All the workpackages shall put in efforts to make the generated or collected datasets FAIR and openly accessible respecting the data policies of the data providing ESFRIpartner projects. Data interoperability in astronomy and astroparticle physics is one of the key objectives of the H2020-ESCAPE and cross fertilisation of software as well as datasets will be encouraged during the project following the IVOA standards. In order to increase the data reuse, various licencing schemes will be discussed during the course of the project. Data security will be ensured through the open source software and services repository which will be developed by the project. Ethical aspects concerning the Personal data collection will be respected following the GDPR guidelines.