July 31, 2020

Work Package 4 of ESCAPE, CEVO, is focused on seamlessly connecting ESFRI and other astronomy research infrastructures to the EOSC through the VO framework. The CEVO Task 4.1, “Integration of astronomy VO data and services into the EOSC” is dedicated to identifying the relevant domain specific data access, discovery and manipulation standards and integrating them with the EOSC platform. This document provides an intermediate analysis report of the status of the integration, with success stories, ongoing efforts and description of the current and foreseen challenges. The integration activities have been identified in the CEVO Project Plan, ESCAPE D4.1 [1]; the progress on the activities is reported here with respect to the insights they provide on the VO-to-EOSC integration development. The analysis provided by this document, built on top of those activities, summarises the connection points, requirements and challenges that the VO community of data providers and consumers faces when trying to connect to the current EOSC infrastructure. Cross-WP activities relevant to the integration to EOSC are described, as well as connections to other EOSC related projects and participation in meetings and symposia in the EOSC landscape. This document also looks ahead to the remaining time span of the project and the remaining integration goals.

Deliverable approved by the European Commission.