November 01, 2020

Milestone 29 was reached upon completion of the WP5 Progress Meeting (held on-line on 26 and 27 October 2020) where the initial science analysis platform was presented and made publicly available online. The weblink to event is

The current version of the ESFRI Science Analysis Platform (ESAP) supports both virtual observatory (VO)-enabled data catalogues and non VO-enabled data catalogues. Within the data aggregation service, the research infrastructures (also referred to as ESFRIs) can define their own data catalogue query schema. The schema is then translated by the ESAP API Gateway to a Graphical User Interface (GUI) where users can specify query parameters for a specific data catalogue.

The current ESAP implementation supports VO-enabled data catalogue searches using existing VO protocols. A few non VO-enabled catalogues have also been integrated into ESAP, in order to demonstrate the soundness of the ESAP architectural design, and how easy it is to integrate a data catalogue into the platform. Currently integrated catalogues are Virtual Observatory, Zooniverse, Apertif, LOFAR and ASTRON VO.

The ESAP User interface links directly with the Rucio Data Management system user interface (WP2 Data Lake) to support data staging.

The initial prototype of ESAP can be found online at

Milestone submitted but pending European Commission approval.