November 30, 2019

The International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) interoperability meeting held in Groningen,  Netherlands 9-11 October 2019 was a formal milestone for the ESCAPE CEVO Work Package (ESCAPE Milestone 4.2 – Progress and priorities at IVOA(2)). It was the second IVOA meeting during the ESCAPE project, and was an important focal point for the CEVO Work Package with the first results being presented, and with European priorities being brought into the international context of the IVOA.

The attached report outlines the progress of the CEVO Work Package activities that have been presented at the IVOA meeting, and the participation of ESCAPE partners (and also the wider European contributions) in IVOA .

The means of verification for these milestones are the IVOA meeting website and the record of ESCAPE participation in the meeting.

The Groningen Interoperability meeting gathered 125 participants for the 2.5 day meeting. This meeting was held after the annual Astronomy Data Analysis and Software Systems (ADASS) conference continuing the well established practice of co-locating ADASS and the shorter (2.5 day) of the two annual IVOA meetings. The web pages, including the detailed schedule of the meeting and the list of participants is available at the links in the table below.


Meeting Page (hosted via ADASS)

Detailed IVOA Schedule Page

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