Data Infrastructure for Open Science


WP2 - Data Infrastructure for Open Science (DIOS)

Lead participant: CERN 
WP2 leader: Xavier Espinal

WP2 DIOS will design, implement, and operate a prototype data lake – a federated data infrastructure that will form the basis of an open access data service for the ESFRI projects within the ESCAPE cluster. It will propose such a solution as a key component of a future EOSC framework. The data lake concept enables the large, reliable, national research data centres to work together to build a robust cloud-like service to curate and serve data of CTA, FAIR, EGO-Virgo, HL-LHC, JIVE, KM3NeT and SKA at all scales up to the multi-Exabyte needs of such projects. These data centres (CERN, CNRS-CCIN2P3, DESY, GSI, IFAE-PIC, INFN, LAPP-MUST, Nikhef, SURFSara, UG), partners in ESCAPE, have experience built up over a decade in particle physics within WLCG and in supporting major astronomy and astroparticle physics precursors pan-European research infrastructures (such as AMS, ANTARES, HESS, LOFAR, MAGIC, etc.). 

Key outputs: A mechanism required for large research infrastructures such as HL-LHC and SKA that in future will manage multi-Exabyte data sets, that will need to be served to global user communities in a scalable and performing way. A federated storage infrastructure implementing the FAIR data management principles at the base level, and form the basis for higher-level data preservation and access services delivered in the other work packages.

DIOS work package leader & DIOS task 2.1 leader

Xavier Espinal (CERN)


DIOS task 2.2 leader

Paul Millar (DESY)


DIOS task 2.3 leader

Yan Grange (ASTRON)


DIOS task 2.4 leader

Rosie Bolton (SKA)


DIOS task 2.5 leader

Andrea Ceccanti (INFN-CNAF)