ESFRI Science Analysis Platform


WP5 ESFRI Science Analysis Platform (ESAP)

Lead participant: ASTRON 
WP5 leader: John Swinbank

WP5 ESAP will focus on defining and implementing a flexible science platform for the analysis of open access data available through the EOSC environment. These tasks will define and implement a platform that will allow EOSC researchers to identify and stage existing data collections for analysis, tap into a wide-range of software tools and packages developed by the ESFRIs, bring their own custom workflows to the platform, and take advantage of the underlying HPC and HTC computing infrastructure to execute those workflows. 

Key outputs: A platform-service for data analysis into EOSC and tailored to the requirements and the user needs of each of the ESFRI and other RI member of ESCAPE. It will be part of the EOSC catalogue.

ESAP work package leader

John Swinbank


ESAP work package deputy leader

Zheng Meyer-Zhao