Astronomy needs you! How you can be part of astronomy's big data revolution
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14 March 2022
Join us for a Q&A and panel discussion and work with our OU academics on the Black Hole Hunters Zooniverse project. As part of The Open University's events for British Science Week, we bring you this online Q&A and panel discussion and Zooniverse project.
Open University (OU) academics Stephen Serjeant, Professor of Astronomy, Dr Hugh Dickinson, Lecturer in Astronomy (both members of ESCAPE), with OU research student Adam McMaster and Research Fellow Beatriz Mingo will be holding a Q&A and panel discussion on the connection between the coming “big data” era in astronomy and the increasing importance of citizen science projects for training machine learning models.

This will include a Zooniverse classification activity, where we will encourage the audience to join us in working on one of our current projects, Black Hole Hunters. We suggest you take a look at the project online to familiarise yourself with it ahead of the event. We will demo the project at the start of the event, and then begin the panel discussion and open to questions.

During this event you will get to join a Zooniverse classification activity for the “Black Hole Hunters” project. To join the live-streamed event, sign up on Eventbrite.

ESCAPE at the event

ESCAPE will launch its "ESCAPE Sixty seconds Adventures in Artificial Intelligence"  series. The new set of four videos provide an overview of how various machine learning techniques work and how they can be used in some astrophysical contexts. The videos can be found on OpenLearn answering questions such as: How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) work? How is AI used in science? The answers are all explained as short animations narrated by David Mitchell. For more information about the types of analysis that the ESCAPE partner experiments use, and which link to the videos, please this page.

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