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02 April 2020


More and more digital research data are being produced and made available by institutional repositories, data centres and other providers worldwide. Research has become increasingly data intensive, interdisciplinary and international: researchers use data and associated tools and services with unprecedented frequency, and collaborate with colleagues from institutions across Europe and worldwide. In the light of these developments, organisations face the challenge of efficiently controlling user access to data and resources. For these reasons, adequate systems for reliable user identification and subsequent authorisation to use data and services must be established. In order to encourage researchers to use these systems, state-of-the-art features such as Identity Management and Single Sign-on are required. Systems for implementing these features are currently being set up by many research infrastructures and federations. They are commonly referred to as AAI – Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructures. (Source: Foster Open Science)

02 April 2020, 10:00 AM CEST


The ESCAPE 1-hour webinar will cover basic AAI concepts that are being considered for the development of ESCAPE Data Infrastructure for Open Science (ESCAPE DIOS)

The webinar will also focus on the INDIGO IAM service and its deployment in ESCAPE, Token-based Authentication and Authorization in the ESCAPE Data lake, followed with an example based on the Apache Web Server on integrating services with IAM.

The webinar is aimed for all those interested in AAI in the context of ESCAPE project, especially service developers and integrators.



Andrea Ceccanti - INFN-CNAF

Andrea Ceccanti is a Technologist (Tecnologo) at INFN-CNAF where he works on the design and development of AAI and storage management solutions in support of scientific research. Andrea has been involved in several European projects (EGEE, EMI, INDIGO-Datacloud) in the past 15 years working on the design, development, maintenance and evolution of key middleware components in use in WLCG and other scientific computing infrastructures.Andrea is leading development and maintenance of VOMS, the core of the WLCG and OSG AAI, the Argus authorization framework, StoRM, the storage management system that powers the Italian Tier-1 computing center, and the INDIGO Identity and Access Management (IAM) service. Currently Andrea is involved in the EOSC-Hub, EOSC-Pilot and Deep-Hybrid DataCloud projects where he serves as an expert in software development, AAI and distributed computing.