Management, Innovation, Networking and Dissemination


WP1 - Management, Innovation, Networking and Dissemination (MIND)

Lead participant: CNRS-IN2P3/LAPP 

WP1 leader: Giovanni Lamanna (, Project Coordinator

WP1 Members: Julie Chaudan (, Project Manager  & Maud Coppel (, Communication Officer

WP1 MIND deals with: 1) Governance and management of the ESCAPE project; 2) Networking programme and innovation; 3) Dissemination of the ESCAPE results raising the highest possible awareness of the cluster and its activities, in close collaboration with the other work packages and the ESFRI projects. 

Key outputs: ESCAPE coordination and management. Support the networking with various EOSC stakeholders (EOSC governance, e-infrastructures, other H2020 projects, policy bodies, industries); implement the connection between EOSC and the ESCAPE RIs management boards. Operating a central competence support desk for application of FAIR-oriented standards and methods within the ESFRI facilities and providing the technical coordination and the scientific internal validation of the WPs results.



Lead participant: CNRS-IN2P3/LAPP

Project Coordinator: Giovanni Lamanna


MIND Technical Coordinator

Ian Bird



Martino Romaniello

MIND Communication Officer

Maud Coppel

ESCAPE Project Manager: Julie Chaudan


MIND Financial Officer

Nicolas Hantz