ESCAPE featured in the latest FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force Video as one of the research projects turning FAIR data into a reality in Europe. ESCAPE is working with the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) and Research Infrastructures, to implement common standards for good practices in data access, deposition, sharing, management, curation and preservation, through the ESCAPE Virtual Observatory (VO).

ESCAPE supports FAIRsFAIR’s work, not only through liaision with the FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force, but also by having Mark Allen as a member of FAIRsFAIR European Group FAIR Champions. Mark Allen, leader of the ESCAPE CEVO team, plans to make the seamless connection of ESFRIs and other astronomy and astroparticle research infrastructures to the EOSC through the ESCAPE VO. The ESCAPE VO is building common interoperability standards defined at a global level by the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA)

The FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force is developing and tracking an effective take up strategy to facilitate the adoption of FAIR, while ensuring synchronisation with other initiatives, projects and the governance of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force is organising its second meeting as a series of virtual workshop sessions from 29 April to 11 June 2020.




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