Open-source scientific Software and Service Repository


WP3 - Open-source scientific Software and Service Repository (OSSR)

Lead participant: FAU 
WP3 leader: Kay Graf 

WP3 OSSR deals with software services for open science data-analysis of the ESFRI facilities. The development of multi-messenger data analysis practices promotes activities for innovative methods, to maximise software re-use and co-development, to identify open standards for software release, to investigate data mining tools and new analysis technique. WP3 supports an open environment to guarantee cross-fertilisation and to develop community-specific data services that will be exposed under the EOSC catalogue of services under the FAIR principles. 

Key outputs: A sustainable open-access repository to share scientific software, digital libraries for data analysis, data-sets, data products including related user-support documentation, tutorials and training activites, which will be dynamically enhanced and maintained by ESCAPE ESFRI projects and included in the EOSC catalogue.

The OSSR team

OSSR Team Leader

Kay Graf (Friedrich–Alexander University)            



Jutta Schnabel (Friedrich–Alexander University)