Astronet is a network of European funding agencies and research organisations aiming at encouraging a common science vision for all of European astronomy through delivery of a strategic plan and infrastructure roadmap. Astronet covers the whole astronomical domain, from the Sun and Solar System to the limits of the observable Universe, and from radioastronomy to gamma-rays and particles, on the ground as well as in space; but also theory and computing, outreach, training and recruitment of the vital human resources.

Building on this remarkable achievement, ASTRONET is now a self-sustainable group of funding agencies and associated bodies.  Together with taking forward the recommendations of the Science Vision and Roadmap, Astronet will initiate a new review – with the aim of delivering a new long-term vision for European astronomy by 2020.

Astronet aims to deliver the long-term vision for European astronomy.
Collaboration with ESCAPE: 
The ESCAPE Virtual Observatory will keep being part of the ASTRONET Infrasturcutre Roadmap (since its its first publication in 2008), where Mark Allen (ESCAPE VO leader) is a member. The Chair of ASTRONET (Colin Vincent) is a member of ESCAPE External Advisory Board, joining ESCAPE Progress Meetings and giving feebback regarding ESCAPE activity reports.