REINFORCE allows citizens’ voices to be heard by strengthening the communication and feedback channels between research and society. REINFORCE will engage more than 100,000 citizens in the research done in Large Research Infrastructures through a participatory design methodology. The project will create a series of cutting-edge citizen science projects on frontier Physics research, with citizen scientists making a genuine and valued contribution to managing the data avalanche.

REINFORCE aims to bridge the gap between science and society, reinforcing the science capital of society. REINFORCE goals are: - Citizens engagement to contribute to online frontier science - Creation of an active community of citizens who actively participate in scientific endeavors - Introduction of Responsible R&I in frontier Citizen Science Landscape - Impact assessment of frontier citizen science in science and society - Creation of a policy roadmap for other large RI willing to implement citizen science projects - Explore the potential of frontier citizen science for inclusion and diversity
Collaboration with ESCAPE: 
ESCAPE & REINFORCE started discussions on how to demonstrate the importance of Citizen Science initiatives to support science discoveries, in particular in the astroparticle and particle physics.
Expected Impact: 
Increase citizens engagement to contribute to online frontier science, while contributing for science discoveries.