November 30, 2018

Final report and recommendations of the Commission 2nd High Level Expert Group on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), 2018

To help drive forward and implement the EOSC, the main thread of the report is to understand how the EOSC can effectively interlink people, data, services and training, publications, projects and organisations. The ideas presented here bring together, reflect on and further expand on various policy papers and recommendations contributing to the establishment of the EOSC that have been published by ongoing Horizon 2020 projects and national initiatives, as well as by the Commission FAIR Data expert group and by the Open Science Policy Platform, with whom the group have collaborated actively. The report shows how Europe, with its strong scientific base and investments made in infrastructures has the skills, knowledge and capacity to turn EOSC into a reality in less than a year from now.

Author: EU publication