Tallinn, Estonia

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20 June 2020

eInfraCentral invites researchers from public and private sectors, e-infrastructure service providers, research infrastructures and policy-makers to the EOSC community event on 20 June in Tallinn and Estonia. Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, eInfraCentral is one of the key building blocks in the implementation of the EOSC Portal. Since January 2017, EFIS Centre, JNP, University of Athens, Leibniz University Hannover and five major European e-infrastructures EGI, EUDAT, GÉANT, OpenAIRE, and PRACE has worked together in developing a service catalogue for European e-infrastructures and e-services. The mission behind this work is to ensure that by 2020 a broader and more varied set of users (including industry) discovers and accesses the existing and developing e-infrastructure capacity.

On 20 June 2019 we invite you all to take a forward-looking view and discuss the road ahead for the EOSC community in Europe and in the EU Member States. The programme was this event was developed by eInfraCentral in consultation with other EOSC-related projects such as EOSC-hub and EOSCsecretariat.eu. 

Jayesh Wagh, from LAPP which coordinates ESCAPE, joined the panel session "Enhancing the value proposition of the EOSC Portal for the Research Infrastructure community and their users" debated several topics, namely  (1) added-value of the EOSC Portal and its overall functions in the future, (2) skills perspective within EOSC capturing integration of e.g. various training materials, and (3) data and service discovery in the EOSC portal e.g. searching for data and services within a number of disciplinary catalogues, combining, automating and feeding in an optimal way services and data into the EOSC catalogue, etc.

Official page: https://indico.cern.ch/event/807574/ | Timetable: https://indico.cern.ch/event/807574/timetable/#20190620.detailed