13 April 2021 to 15 April 2021


The ESCAPE WP4 Technology Forum 2 is an online event that aims to update the astronomy and particle physics communities on the progress of the ESCAPE Connecting ESFRI projects to EOSC through VO framework (CEVO) tasks:

  • Task 4.1 - Integration of astronomy VO data and services into the EOSC
  • Task 4.2 – Implementation of FAIR principles for ESFRI data through the Virtual Observatory
  • Task 4.3 – Adding value to trusted content in astronomy archives
  • Prepare the ESCAPE input for the May 2021 IVOA Interoperability meeting
  • Strengthen the cross-WP activities with WP3, WP5 and WP2
  • Planning for the WP4 activities in the 2nd part of the ESCAPE project
  • Work together on practicial implementations!

Location and Schedule

Due to the on-going covid-19 pandemic, this Technology Forum will be held as an on-line event.
The presentation sessions are organised in the mornings and hack-a-thon interactions in the afternoons, with the final conlcuding session on Thursday afternoon.


13 April 2021

09:00Welcome and logisticsMark Allen (CDS/CNRS) , Hendrik Heinl (CDS/ObAS)
09:10Overview of ESCAPE and WP4 statusMark Allen (CDS/CNRS)
09:30Task 4.1 Summary and StatusMarco Molinaro (INAF)
09:50Task 4.2 Summary and StatusFrançois Bonnarel (CDS ObAS CNRS Université de Strasbourg)
10:10Task 4.3 Summary and StatusMartino Romaniello (ESO)
10:40Virtual Coffee Break 
11:00Provenance update and intro for Provenance hack-a-thonMathieu Servillat (LUTH, Observatoire de Paris)
11:15How the ESO Archive makes use of VO TechnologiesAlberto Micol
11:40Using Neutrino data - a KM3NeT perspectiveJutta Schnabel (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
12:05UCD and TAP service for solar physicsVeronique Delouille (STCE/Royal Observatory of Belgium)
12:45Lunch Break 
14:00Hack-a-thon on VO and Solar data/services 
15:00Hack-a-thon: ProvenanceMathieu Servillat (LUTH, Observatoire de Paris)


14 April 2021

09:00Feedback from the 1st Science with interoperable data schooEnrique Solano
09:20CTADr Matthias Fuessling (CTAO gGmbH) , Catherine Boisson (LUTH, Obs. Paris-Meudon)
09:45Multi Order Coverage data structure to plan multi-messenger observationsGiuseppe Greco (INFN-Perugia)
10:05A VO service for the European VLBI NetworkMark Kettenis (JIVE)
10:30Virtual coffee break 
11:10Using semantics to give B2Find better metadataMarkus Demleitner
11:30VESPA-CloudMr Baptiste Cecconi (Observatoire de Paris)
11:50Data Model usage in the VOLaurent Michel (Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg)
12:10Intro for VO Validation hack-a-thonMark Taylor (University of Bristol)
12:50Lunch Break 
14:00Hack-a-thon on ESFRI requirements for VO: Hack-a-thon on ESFRIsDownload 1 ; Download 2
15:00Hack-a-thon VO Validation 
17:00Hack-a-thon: pgsphereConvener: Hendrik Heinl (CDS/ObAS)


15 April 2021

09:00ESAP Gateway API + GUI, current implementation statusNico Vermaas
09:30WP4 - WP5 topicsStelios Voutsinas
09:50Software metadata in the IVOADave Morris (University of Edinburgh)
10:10Apertif DR1 integration into ASTRON VO serviceYan Grange (ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy)
10:30Mining the EVN Archive using JupyterLab and the VOAard Keimpema (JIVE)
10:50Virtual coffee break 
11:10Hack-a-thon: Cross-WP activities: Including VO and Platforms 
12:30Lunch Break 
14:00Hack-a-thon Feedback ReportsDownload 1 ; Download 2 ; Download 3
14:45Discussion / Planning 
15:05Conclusions and next steps Mark Allen (CDS/CNRS)


Top level info for WP4 is maintained on the Wiki pages: https://wiki.escape2020.de/index.php/WP4_-_CEVO