ESCAPE has produced a brief animated video explaining how ESCAPE is accelerating scientific discoveries by ensuring open access and long-term data usability for astronomy, particle & nuclear physics, while contributing to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), a vision of the European Commission of a large infrastructure to support and develop open science and open innovation in Europe and beyond.

Talking about open science without trying to improve scientists’ capabilities for producing, processing, storing, sharing and accessing data amounts to throwing effort into a black hole. A supernova is required to create the momentum in the scientific community of bringing science systems into a state that allows scientists to focus on what actually matters for their work. This is what ESCAPE is aiming for.

The video shows how ESCAPE is creating the ESCAPE thematic cell, a cross-border and multidisciplinary environment to enable EOSC to adopt services, e-infrastructures, and data stewardship of ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) projects. This cell, composed of ESCAPE five services, is supporting European researchers (not only from astronomy, particle & nuclear physics) in increasing the scientific value and benefit of their research to the fullest through data-driven science and open science.


With this in mind, ESCAPE is working with 10 ESFRI projects, all committed to open science, to increase their data FAIRability (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) and combine their scientific data with real data from different disciplines. This will allow the validation of brand-new prototypes and enable innovative scientific discoveries.


By creating this cross-domain open science environment, to be fully exploited by early 2022, researchers will find it easier to make breakthrough scientific discoveries and ensure their long-term success, usability and sustainability. ESCAPE aims to be a flagship for the scientific and societal impact that the EOSC will deliver, contributing actively to open science in the EU.

The video, whose script was written jointly by Laboratoire d’Annecy de Physique des Particules (ESCAPE Coordinator) and Trust-IT Services (ESCAPE partner) and which was produced by the latter, gives a quick overview of how ESCAPE is boosting open science.

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ESCAPE is one of the five members of the ESFRI (SSHOC – Social Sciences and Humanities, PANOSC – Photon and Neutron, ENVRI-FAIR - Environment, EOSC-LIFE – Biological and Medical), which is providing a thematic gathering point for the activities required to make the EOSC a reality by facilitating access to research data.

Watch the ESCAPE Video below


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