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Boost your research with existing software



Find high-quality software

Find, download and reuse the astroparticle and particle physics software that are relevant for your research.

Improve the reproducibility of your results

Find existing FAIR software solutions thanks to metadata to improve the cross-fertilisation between experiments and the reproducibility of your results.

Save time and resources

Take advantage of existing software actively used by world-leading astroparticle and particle physics research infrastructures without the need to create your custom software.


What is the Open-Source Scientific Software and Service Repository (OSSR)? 

The Open-source Scientific Software and Service Repository (OSSR) is an open-access repository for software collaborative development, uptake and reuse. The OSSR is intended for scientific researchers to share and find software and services



         What can you do?

The OSSR respects the FAIR principles (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable) and is made of two main components:

GitLab development platform
GitLab is a platform for the development and maintenance of existing software that also enables the continuous integration, deployment and delivery of these software.

Zenodo repository
It provides a long-term, safe and secured software and service archive, with the continuous support of the CERN (ESCAPE consortium member) infrastructures and resources, thus ensuring its long-term availability.

The GitLab development platform handles the need to develop and build the software, insuring its re-usability and interoperability, whereas the Zenodo repository handles the findability, accessibility and long-term safe archiving of the software.


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How does it work?


Upload a software Download a software
  1. Register your software
  2. Enrich your software with metadata and start the onboarding process
  3. Publish to Zenodo
  4. Finalise the onboarding process together with the OSSR team
  1. Visit the ESCAPE repository on Zenodo
  2. Browse the repository
  3. Download the software
  4. Read the documentation, start reusing and adapting it to your scientific question


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         Learn more


Download our list of tutorials and guidelines to learn more about the Open-source Scientific Software and Service Repository (OSSR).
Download the documentation.