18 May 2020 to 20 May 2020

EOSC-hub Week 2020 (Virtual)


As EOSC-hub joins the rest of the European scientific community and the world in being responsible in #flatteningthecurve of the COVID-19 pandemic[...]

04 May 2020 to 08 May 2020

The IVOA Interoperability meeting being held as a virtual meeting!


A virtual IVOA Interoperability meeting takes place online from May 4 to May 8.

The Virtual Observatory (VO) is the vision that[...]

17 February 2020

Ten things you can do to support the FAIR data culture - FAIRsFAIR workshop at IDCC20

Dublin, Ireland

Realising the necessary culture change among researchers in all disciplines depends upon other stakeholders in the research[...]

22 January 2020

ESCAPE at Journée EOSC au CNRS

Paris (France)

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an initiative of the European Commission which aims to connect existing European[...]

04 January 2020 to 08 January 2020

ESCAPE at American Astronomical Society

Honolulu, Hawaii (USA)

The 235th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, in Honolulu (Hawaii, USA), taking place at[...]

26 November 2019 to 28 November 2019

Save the date! EOSC Symposium 2019

Budapest, Hungary

“Where the EOSC makers & shakers meet”

The EOSC Symposium is one of the largest, yearly EOSC events. It is co-[...]

ESCAPE at the ESO/ESA SCIOPS Workshop 2019
19 November 2019 to 22 November 2019

ESCAPE at the ESO/ESA SCIOPS Workshop 2019

Madrid (Spain)


04 November 2019 to 08 November 2019

ESCAPE at International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics

Adelaide, Australia

The 24th International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (

21 October 2019 to 22 October 2019

ESCAPE at the International Research Data Community contributing to EOSC


Data Makes the Difference

ESCAPE was represented  at the Research Data Alliance (RDA)* 14th Plenary preliminary events in[...]