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Access interoperable astronomy data, tools and services for your research



FAIR data

Discover virtual observatory standards and training to make your data FAIR.

Access large data catalogues

Access data populated by major data providers such as ESO, ASTRON, JIVE, NASA, ESA, and more.

Integrated services

Access VO services from many VO-enabled tools including ESCAPE ESAP, VO software from the ESCAPE OSSR.


What is the ESCAPE Virtual Observatory?  

The Virtual Observatory is a framework built on International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) standards for the interoperable access to world-wide large astronomy data catalogues and services, that researchers can use to can access, reuse and publish data. Within the ESCAPE project WP4 CEVO is adapting, extending, and developing new IVOA standards according to the demands of the ESFRI partners. CEVO is an effective way to represent the European interests at the IVOA.  CEVO enables an ongoing exchange between standard developers, data providers, and scientific users. This is pursued through different channels and events.




         What can you do?

  • Make your data FAIR
    Find IVOA standards that will help you to define the metadata that will make your data FAIR.
  • Foster reuse of your data
    Publish your data and metadata to the VO, making them findable by other researchers.
  • Save time with existing data
    Execute queries to find, access and reuse the specific data that you are looking for.


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