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Make your infrastructure and service portfolio available to end-users to increase interoperability and reuse



Share your data

Provide end-users with uniform access to your data archives to make it easier for them to discover and access the data relevant to their scientific needs.

Share your computing service

Connect your data archives with your computing services, to making it easier for end-users to process and analyse the data they have discovered.

Integrate with other ESCAPE services

Integration and interoperability with ESCAPE DIOS and ESCAPE OSSR making it easier for users to work with massive datasets and find the software that addresses their science goals


What is the ESFRIs Science Analysis Platform (ESAP)?  

The ESAP is a science platform toolkit enabling ESFRIs, as well as other research infrastructures and service providers, to make a diverse range of capabilities available to end users through a unified platform.




         What can you do?

Platforms built using the ESAP toolkit can support the full lifecycle of a scientific analysis project. This includes:

  • Users can query a range of both general-purpose and infrastructure-specific archives and catalogue services.
  • Interactive analysis services, like Jupyter notebooks and bespoke tools drawn from the ESCAPE OSSR and other sources, help users refine their data selection and visualize their results.
  • Powerful integration with batch computing services like DIRAC make it possible for users to schedule bulk processing and complex workflows to analise their data.
  • Deep integration with the ESCAPE DIOS means that users can work with and share massive data volumes.

But this is just the start: ESAP’s plugin-based architecture means that the possibilities are endless. If you provide a service that is accessible over a standard interface, you can integrate it with ESAP and make it available as part of your science platform.


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How does it work?


  • Service providers download and install the ESAP toolkit.
  • Service administrators configure the ESAP database with details of their existing services.
  • (Optional) Service developers write new “service connector” plugins that integrate new service types with the ESAP core.
  • Service administrators make the ESAP-powered platform containing their service portfolio available to end users.


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         Learn more


about the ESFRIs Science Analysis Platform (ESAP).
For technical information, take a look at the ESAP code repositories.
For a deeper dive into the ESAP vision and goals, start with these proceedings from ADASS XXXI.