30 August 2021

Second H2020 Progress Meeting


The second ESCAPE progress meeting will take place online on 29 September 2021.

After the ESCAPE kickoff meeting in[...]

05 August 2021

Second WP5 workshop to analyse ESAP prototype performance

This event, aimed at the ESCAPE project members and representatives from ESFRIs, will describe the ESCAPE Science Analysis Platform (ESAP) vision[...]

28 June 2021 to 02 July 2021

European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting


Aims and scope of the Data-intensive radio astronomy: bringing astrophysics to the exabyte era session

In the[...]

16 June 2021

EOSC Symposium 2021

On 16-18 June 2021, the Association is co-organising the first edition of the EOSC Symposium in the implementation phase in collaboration with EOSCsecretariat.eu. The virtual event will focus on informing the expanding EOSC community on the latest updates from the Association and the EOSC Steering Board, as well as providing a first public occasion to discuss the topics of its Advisory Groups.

11 June 2021

ESFRI Science Clusters' Long Term Commitments to Open Science


Online on 11 June 2021, this workshop aims at addressing potential sustainable actions to consolidate the cluster work[...]

07 June 2021 to 18 June 2021

ESCAPE Summer School 2021


In the framework of ESCAPE, the ESCAPE Summer School 2021 edition is taking place from 7 til 18 June 2021, as a virtual event. due to the world's[...]

24 May 2021

The IVOA Interoperability Meeting 2021 is happening next week !


The Virtual Observatory (VO) is the vision that astronomical datasets, services and other resources should work as a seamless whole. Many projects[...]

18 May 2021

CHEP2021: 25th International Conference on Computing in High-Energy and Nuclear Physics


The CHEP conference series addresses the computing, networking and software issues for the world’s leading data‐intensive science experiments that[...]

Science Mesh in High Energy Physics and Endangered Linguistics - Open Data Systems & Data Science Environments
06 May 2021

Science Mesh in High Energy Physics and Endangered Linguistics - Open Data Systems & Data Science Environments


The webinar will showcase how the Science Mesh is integrating both data science environments and open data repositories into the federated Science Mesh, supporting collaboration of distributed science teams across disciplines.